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Prophecies from the Bible are unfolding right in front of our eyes. Government chaos. Natural disasters. War and sickness across the planet. Do these cataclysmic events point to a critical change coming in the near future? Learn to decipher the prophecies of the Bible and their warnings for today, discover America’s role in the final days, and find peace by understanding God’s plan in last-day events. This seminar is designed for anyone curious about the prophecies of the Bible or concerned by current world events.


Sermon Titles:


  1. A New World Order

  2. Planet in Upheaval

  3. Armageddon

  4. The Man of Revelation

  5. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  6. The Time of the End, Part 1

  7. The Time of the End, Part 2

  8. The Appearing

  9. The Anatomy of Evil

  10. The Ultimate Mind Game

  11. The Coming of the Lawless One

  12. Revelation’s Sign of God

  13. Revelation’s Forgotten History

  14. A River Runs Through it

  15. Babylon Rising

  16. Revelation’s Keys Death

  17. Secrets of Answered Prayer

  18. God’s Strange Act

  19. A Desolate Planet

  20. How to Postpone Your Funeral

  21. Return of the Woman

  22. Mark of the Beast

  23. The Testimony of Jesus

  24. The Last Night on Earth